• T-Three ISLA Pvt. Ltd. is formed by general insurance industry enthusiast in order to serve the industry with unparlleled service by focusing on three T's i.e. TAT, Technology and Technicality

  • Reach–Within 5 Hours pan India.
  • Speed – ILA & LOR within 24 Hours.
  • FSR within 48 Hrs.
  • Own Claims Management Software
  • Mobile application for field surveyor
  • Active Feedback System
  • User Portal
  • Single Click Claim Status and MIS

  • Qualified Staff
  • Expert Panel

  • People First
  • Integrity to core
  • Passion

  • To be the market leader in the field of general insurance survey and Valuation.

    To provide specialized and tailor-made services with zero errors.

    Key is Knowledge sharing

Know Us

“Operation keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but work management is the train engine that moves the organization forward” following the same T-Three Insurance Surveyor and Loss Assessor Private Limited have clear strategies, defined operating modules like SOPS, highly accessible and userfriendly software to accelerate the work management even under high pressure and stringent requirements and yes, that moves the organization forward.

The organization is formed by experienced and quality-oriented Surveyors. The team has a cumulative experience of More than 150 years in handling claims. The company focuses on three T’s i.e. TAT, Technology, and Technicality and aspires to provide unparalleled service in the field of Survey, Loss Assessment and loss minimization with a mission to provide specialized tailor-made service with zero errors and key element as knowledge sharing.

The organization has embraced three values as people first, integrity to core and passion. The organization has a zero-tolerance policy towards any mischievous.

To provide specialized and tailor-made services with zero errors.
Key is Knowledge sharing

To be the market leader in the field of general insurance survey and valuation.

People First
Integrity to core


  • "You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step"- Martin Luther King Jr.

  • The organization intends to provide minimum turnaround time by reducing the TAT on each step to create the customer delight. Our Average TAT as on Today are linked below.


    " Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. " – Sir Arthur C. Clarke

    The management of the organization believes that the value of the information diminishes with the lapsing time. The organization has worked hard to use the latest technology and efficient ways of communicating information.

    The organization has developed a software for claims management and data mobile application for ease of business and to keep the data up to date and accessible to all the stakeholders.
    The key feature of the software and mobile application with an active feedback system are mentioned below:


    “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” ? Albert Einstein

    We truly believe that success is a combination of various factors and hence, we ensure the right blend of professionals having talent, experience, agility, and hardworking, marching TOGETHER towards a better future.

    Loss adjusting through our innovative solutions and our “Systematic and Proactive approach”.

    We are an ever-expanding team of action-oriented professionals consistently delivering assignments of the highest quality with all technical parameters per se and maintaining Turn-Around-Time (TAT) and the T3 qualities. We liaison and negotiate our way to settle claims in a manner consistent with legislative requirements and guidelines.

    Along with the team, we have a panel of industry experts who has more than 25-30 years experience in the various field such as civil, mfg. industry, cement industry, consumer durable mfg., etc. We utilize their Knowledge on case to case basis to understand the industry in a better manner and understand all the possibilities of loss mitigation.

    Our Team

    Equipped with mavericks of each field ranging from loss adjusting, Engineering, Insurance, Finance, Valuation, Legal and Information Technology, Marketing & Management to render the highest quality of professional services and ensuring that the benchmark is raised higher every time we are appointed.

    The team comprises of professionals with diverse backgrounds and have previously worked with the insurer, insured, broker, manufacturing industry and surveyor with a cumulative experience of more than 150 years in loss adjusting. we have 3 Chartered Accountants, 27 Loss Adjusters, 2 Licensed Valuers,1 Chartered Engineer, 1 Anti-fraud professional, and 75 Senior Engineers strategically located throughout our network to quickly reach a loss site. Loss teams for catastrophic events are pre-formed to facilitate rapid response.

    We also have a dedicated customer support manager to assure the best in class service and to create a separate active market feedback system for management.

    Brief profile of the management is as under:

    Key Team Members

    V. K. Kulkarni
    Santosh Billore
    Sumit Sabharwal
    Shripad Dharmadhikari

    Santosh Billore

    Santosh began his career in the year 2007 when he started his practice as a Loss Adjuster. A Computer Engineer, with Associate of Insurance Institute of India, Santosh is IRDA licensed surveyor in Fire, Engineering, Miscellaneous and Marine departments and is having more than 13 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of handling regular claims, major losses and CAT losses. Santosh has handled over 7,000 claims in all classes, specializing in large Fire, Engineering, Marine and financial line claims. His expertise includes analytics, auditing and claims management. He has also worked with TATA AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd. as a Claims Officer.
    Santosh is the founder and Managing Director of the company.
    +91 88503 70179 | +91 88797 37769
    Mumbai (MH)

    Our Services

    Fire and Allied Risks
    Our service goes far beyond simply valuing losses. We understand that every loss has other associated business repercussions. Our adjusters provide efficient loss mitigation, restoration of the assets with cost-effective solutions, thus working out the Reliable Loss Valuation. We provide a dedicated team of experts to handle large/complex losses claims.
    Marine Risks
    Throughout our journey, we have constantly innovated the processes for managing and settling the Marine claims. Our excellent PAN India Network, IT infrastructure and technological abilities enable us to settle claims faster and efficiently, ensuring the T3 Qualities.
    We have a dedicated team for Engineering claims. The team for Engineering claims comprises of experienced surveyors, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and electrical engineers. Engineering claims are our forte. We have handled many claims under project policies like EAR/CAR/CPM, breakdown claims under IAR, MBD, and EEI.
    Engineering Risks
    We have 2 CAs and Miscellaneous line Surveyors to handle these claims across India. Our services and expertise include: Regular Burglary /Theft Claims under money and other package policies ATM and Bankers Indemnity Claims Films, Sports and other Event Claims
    Miscellaneous Risks
    • Risk Inspection
    • Valuation
    • ODC Supervision
    • Preodispatch Survey
    • Investigation
    As a part of returning the favor to the Industry, we endeavor to support our clients with risk management. Our deep knowledge of what goes wrong, along with Industry insights, we are equipped to deal effectively and efficiently with Risk management, thereby saving money for your business.
    CAT Losses
    Masterminding to manage a catastrophe operation is our forte. Through our dense network and our expertise in setting up instant temporary setups at multiple locations, along with our Catastrophe management plans, we make it look like a cakewalk to our clients. We also keep apprising our clients of the ground reality of the CAT losses through our Bulletins.

    Our Clients

    T-Three Locations

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    Life at T-Three

    "Your Company Is Only As Extraordinary As Your People"

    At our company, we believe in the power of employees' passion and initiative to create lasting word-of-mouth about our brand by making our clients happy.

    We foster a culture of continuous learning, encouraging the development of a diverse skill set and a willingness to explore and experiment, all aimed at maximizing our potential for growth. In addition to offering competitive packages, we provide a dynamic and vibrant work environment.

    If you are interested in joining our team, please share your updated resume with us at:

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